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October 7, 2015
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Volcanoes Tour

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The Natural Park of the Volcanoes, with its lunar landscapes, will be the main stage of this Phototour absolutely uncommon.

The Volcano del Cuervo, It will give us the opportunity to enter into the caldera to photograph the many colors of its stones and shapes of rocks molded by the heat of the eruption. The cone stand out on the horizon with its particular shape that makes every shoot different from another and absolutely unforgettable.

La Montaña Negra with its shrubs disseminated on the slopes of black lava will form an excellent contrast with the blue sky, giving to every single shoot a secure appeal. The Montaña Roja lit by the sun will became, through the lens of the camera, of a bright red that fades into orange then yellow, and finally into black.

Parque Natural de La Geria, with its unique landscape characterized by cultivations of grapewines placed in holes dug in the volcanic rock and protected from the wind by stone walls, will allow us to realize pictures of a unique landscape.